THE GC Core Values


The GC believes each person is fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator God with a unique blend of gifts, strengths, and experiences. And, when this uniqueness is honestly displayed in Christlike service to each other, we naturally live out a healthy body of Christ (feet, hands, eyes, ears, etc.). Authenticity is also displayed in our talk - honestly sharing and caring for each other for the purpose of Christlike change.

Holistic Living:

As human beings we often find ourselves frustrated at the disconnect we have between who we want to be or feel we should be, and w ho we see ourselves actually being. We believe that human beings were created with both a body and spirit, and it is important to live with harmony between the two. When our inner self, often called the heart, mind or spirit is disconnected from our actions, then we are not truly experiencing a healthy life. One of the most remarkable aspects of Jesus’ incarnation was that he not only taught us of the importance of living through the spirit (God) inside of us, but also showed us that it was possible to have your inner spirit flow perfectly into your outer person. Holistic living tends to be tied closely to authentic living, and many of our other values. Holistic living is another value of our church that is best lived out in community, where we are able to speak into each other’s lives and experience the journey together.

Walking with God:

Knowing God and Jesus intimately, both personally and as a community, is the source of eternal, abundant, overflowing life. We walk (go forward and move from glory to glory) with (reside with in our hearts, dwell, strengthened in our inner beings) God.


At the core, generosity of the heart is what God wants from us. God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). Generosity could be giving time, things, service, like helping a friend or neighbor, or money. God desires that we give out of the overflow of our hearts, willingly and lovingly. God has also gifted each one of us with natural talents and abilities that we can generously share with others for the glory of God.


In a home church setting here is always an opportunity to utilize creativity! Which is why we value it at our core. We are not all fabulous artists as most would think when they hear the word creative. But, more so, we aim to focus on creatively thinking outside the box, creatively utilizing individual gifting and creatively embracing the different ways we all express and communicate our love of God.

Valuing People:

As people come in the life of the Garden Communities, it is our desire that they do not just plug into a program. We want to get to know them and their God given gifts so that we can build them up to do the things God has put on their heart.

Living in Community:

We value living in community because life is at it’s best when it is shared; we were not meant to walk this life alone. Scripture also tells us that is through the body of Christ that we experience the fullness of Christ! (Ephesians 1:22)

Living Missionally:

Our English word “Missional” comes the the Latin phrase “missio Dei,” meaning “the sending of God.” The idea of sending God somewhere sounds confusing until we read 1 Corinthians 12:27. Each member of the church is Christ’s body. As followers of Christ, the way we send God is to actually “go” ourselves.

Some of us travel to foreign countries as Christ’s body. Being missional includes these trips, but it does not start or end with these trips. We walk into relationships, hobbies, and work as Christ’s body. We eat dinner, enjoy dates, and attend concerts as Christ’s body. We go to work, buy groceries, and budget our finances as Christ’s body. In every single thing we do, we are missional. We are Christ’s body.